A team of specialists

A company’s success depends on its workforce.

Fortunately we can rely on a highly motivated team of specialists. On the one hand, we are proud of our traditional craftsmen like the ones in the upholstery department. On the other hand, the renowned quality of our MEDICAL products is based on the longterm experience of our employees in the chair assembly department. Good communication and close cooperation between the Production, Process Planning and Research &  Development departments – and last but not least with our customers and suppliers – support our process of continuous improvement. All this has a positive influence both on the product itself and on the workflow.

Our plant was completely modernized between 2006 and 2008 and is ideally suited to manufacture your merchandise in line with strict internal and external directives and standards. Serial production including in-line quality checks and our company’s ISO 13485 certification guarantee that the outstanding quality of our products is maintained at all times. This is typical for “Made by MEDICAL”.